Product Review: Way Better Snacks

Who doesn't enjoy snacking on chips and salsa?

Chips & salsa reminds me of a dance party I recently went to at my friend's house. I went early to help him set up, and one of the snacks were was chips & salsa. I was charged with the task of keeping his dogs away from all the food. I'm not sure why this stuck out to me - possibly because I don't eat much of either item. Regardless, there is something about the snack that is comforting and makes me want Mexican food.

I recently stumbled upon a great new snack: sprouted chips. I'll admit I was a little nervous at first, because the word "sprouted" makes me think of raw foods, of which I'm not the biggest fan. Don't get me wrong, I love me some baby carrots with ranch or cauliflower florets with hummus, but sprouts are not my thing.

When asked to try Way Better Snacks new line of sprouted chips, I was excited but unsure. When they arrived on my doorstep, I changed my mind: I was ready to dive into the six huge bags of crunchy goodness!

There are six flavors: Simply Sweet Potato, Simply Sunny Multi-Grain, Simply Unbeatable Blues (blue corn with salt), Simply Beyond Black Bean, No Salt Naked Blues (blue corn), and Simply So Sweet Chili.

Right away, I knew my favorite would be the Simply So Sweet Chili. 

Sweet, spicy and a bundle of crunchy goodness, these chips are yummy. I love the unexpected spice that sneaks up on you. 

The favorite among my roommates was the Simply Sweet Potato. 

These had just a hint of sweet potato flavor and wasn't too overwhelming. 

Way Better Snacks are Certified Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Certified 100% Whole Grain, Kosher, Vegan, an excellent Source of Whole Grains, Low Sodium, and a Good Source of Fiber. Also, they contain no trans fats, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

They are the first of its kind to use sprouted ingredients like flaxseed, chia seeds, quinoa, black beans, broccoli seeds and daikon radish seed. Weird, right? But yummy!

There wasn't a flavor that my roommates and I simply didn't like. I think the least favorite were the Simply Beyond Black Bean because they tasted... well... like black beans, and that was unusual. But they were still good! 

So, the next time you want nachos, give these chips a try. Yum. 

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