The Power of Prayer

If I had to pinpoint one thing that really impacted me the most this semester, it would be prayer. 

I always heard people talk about answered prayers and I'd heard stories about people praying very specifically for things and them happening, but I never really had those experiences for myself. Over the past school year, I can honestly say that prayer has never had more of an impact on my life. 

The power of prayer - that's what I've learned. 

One thing I felt God telling me to do, very specifically, was to wait. Whether I was praying about a friendship, healing, a possible relationship, or a job, God's answer was always to wait. Considering how impatient I am, this was not easy. 

The cool thing that comes from waiting is the relationship you develop with Christ during the waiting process. I can also watch my long-term prayers being happened every day. It's like a snowball effect. If I make a point to look for God, I see Him in everything. It's been amazing. God has been working in life like I never expected.

One of the hardest things was when God provided multiple job opportunities for me in the business and sales world - some in which I would eventually make $100 grand - and I felt I wasn't to accept any of the offers. Imagine turning down a job where you could make that much money! However, I didn't feel like that was where God wanted me to be, so I turned the offers down. And now I am back to waiting. 

I know God will provide for me - He always does and He always will. I just need to follow what He tells me to do. 

Today has been a wonderful day, and it has only begun. Today I am joyful - and I have God to thank for that.