Product Review: Journey Bar

Remember this Journey Bar review I posted a while ago?

I was recently contacted by Journey Bars, savory protein bars made with an organic whole grain blend of oats, millet, flax, amaranth and buckwheat, to try their newest flavors. 

Here's the bad news - the pictures I took of these bars were on my old iPhone, which shattered and had to be replaced. So, unfortunately, I don't have self-taken pictures of the bars. However, here is a picture of the flavors from their website: 

Ironically, what I think are two of the best flavors (Hickory BBQ and Parmesan Romano) were replaced by two new savory flavors: Sesame Ginger and Sea Salt. These two new flavors, although unique, were not as delicious as I remember the others. I think just the idea of an Asian protein bar threw me off. It was good but weird. The Sea Salt, on the other hand, was a bit plain and lacking in the flavor department. 

My favorite flavor is still the Coconut Curry - deliciously curry and deliciously Indian!

I still love the concept of Journey Bars - a savory protein bar in a world of mostly sweet protein bars. They really do have some great and unique protein bar flavors (the full line includes Coconut Curry, Sea Salt, Sesame Ginger, Rosemary, and Pizza Marinara), and I recommend you try them out. Just be prepared for something that is definitely a unique experience!