Successful Pinterest Projects & Recipes {Part 1}

Sometimes it's hard to tell if something you find on Pinterest will be successful. After all, I think everyone has seen the "Pinterest Fail" blog, right? Or some version of it...perhaps the "Nailed It!" memes? 

Here are some things I've made of done that were successful. I've made quite a bit more than this, so be on the lookout for a round two post!

Blueberry Sweet Rolls with Lemon Glaze from Sally's Baking Addiction

Sugar Cookie Squares from Make Ahead Meals for Busy Moms

Crock Pot Beer Chicken by Laa Loosh

I'm Bored Jar by Shabby Beach Nest (I made it a date night idea jar. Also, I painted the sticks and wrote my ideas with Sharpie instead of printing on paper)

Elephant Wall Hanging (couldn't find the website for this - but all you do is cut scrapbook paper out in whatever shape you want and glue two pieces together with twine in between.)

Headband Holder by Rowdy in Room 300

Magnetic Makeup Board (no real DIY to do this, I made the magnetic cookie sheet below and put makeup on it)

Magnetic Cookie Sheet Board by Best Friends for Frosting

Modge Podge Letters by JBS Mercantile

File Cabinet Upcycle by QuarDecor

Tour Map Picture by Just Imagine

Pillowcase Hamper by Pretty Prudent

Work Out Tank by Rabbit Food for my Bunny Teeth

Modge Podge iPhone Charger (just cover in modge podge and glitter, let dry, then spray hairspray to finish. be sure to cover the plugs with tape before spraying)

Spray Paint Doilies by Shea B.