DIY: Monogrammed Stool

Hey there, friends! Long time, no post. I can't believe I went nearly three months without posting. Oops.

To make up for my absence, I've got a really great DIY post for you today! I decided to make a monogrammed stool a while ago, and I ended up really loving it. It's mustard yellow, which is currently my favorite color, and goes nicely with my hipster/artsy style bedroom.

It's also really simple make! It does take a little bit of time, but it will be worth it in the end - I promise!

First, you're gonna need to get some paint. I used ordinary house paint, and I got one of those little sample size jars that cost around five bucks. You can get pretty much any color you want!

You're also gonna need an old stool. This one my mom found at the thrift store, I believe. It's really a chair that is missing all the back pieces (hence why you see holes around the edge), but I like it that way. I think it makes it look more rustic.

The first step is to paint the stool. It took me about three coats of paint to get the color I wanted. This is what takes time - be patient and let the paint dry completely before moving on!

Once your stool is dry, grab a sheet of the thickest sand paper you can find and start rubbing. Sand wherever you want and however much you want - this is the fun part! The sandpaper makes the stool look aged and worn...it basically gives the stool that "I'm-vintage-but-not-really" feel that people pay hundreds of dollars to have.

Once your stool is sanded, take a pencil and sketch your monogram in the middle. I just did a Google search for monogrammed letters and then copied the picture on my screen. This took a lot of time because I wanted the letters to look just right. 

The good thing about this part is that you can sand the pencil off if you mess up. I accidentally put the "E" in the middle the first time around, and my pencil didn't erase all the way. But after I went back and painted the letters and did some more sanding, you couldn't even tell I messed up. 

After you're done sketching your monogram, go back and fill in the lines with the paint color of your choice. I used a black paint pen, but anything should work. Sand your letters once they are dry if you want them to look aged. Then let your stool dry and TA-DA! You're finished!

Pretty easy, right? I thought so. It just requires some patience. 

Below is a list of all the materials I used.

Materials Needed:
Thick sandpaper
Wooden stool 
House paint in color of choice
Secondary paint in color of choice (for letters)
Newspaper (to put under the stool while painting and sanding)

That's it, kiddos. Now go make that monogrammed stool you know you've always wanted. In return, I'll start blogging more often. 

I promise.