How To: Fondant Mustaches

Excuse me, but I mustache you a question.....

....would you like to make some fondant mustaches?

Fondant can be really intimidating to work with if you don't use it often or if you have never used it before. It can also be really frustrating when you want to cover an entire cake, spend a lifetime rolling it to the perfect thickness, and then....BOOM. The fondant cracks or tears when you lift it and you have to start all over again. 

Talk about obnoxious. 

Smaller fondant shapes, on the other hand, are really simple. And it is way cheaper to make your own fondant shapes (if you need large quantities) than to spend $5 a pop on 4-6 pre-made fondant shapes. Let's learn how to make them!

Materials Needed: 
A fondant rolling pin
Mustache cookie cutter
Black fondant
Thick edible black glitter
A small paintbrush
A cookie sheet
Parchment paper
Powdered sugar

STEP 1: Create a large, clean working space on your counter. Sprinkle a small handful of powdered sugar all over your work space. This is done to prevent the fondant from sticking, and you might need to sprinkle more as you work. 

STEP 2: Place your fondant in the center of your work space. If you have a large chunk of fondant, work with small pieces at a time. Keep the fondant you are not working with covered with a lightly damp towel to prevent it from getting too dry.

STEP 3: Sprinkle the top of your fondant with more powdered sugar. Then roll fondant until you reach desired thickness. It's hard for me to say exactly how thick. Not to thin, but not too thick, either. Gently rotate the fondant as you roll and sprinkle more powdered sugar when needed. 

STEP 4: Use your cookie cutter to cut mustaches out of your rolled fondant, and transfer the shapes to a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Cut a few at a time, and then pause to move to step 5. 

STEP 5: Using a paintbrush (or your fingers), sprinkle/brush your mustaches with the black glitter. The bigger the flakes, the better. I discovered the really fine glitter dust or pearl dust does not look the best on these. Do this on the few you've cut out, then return to step 4. Repeat the process until you have as many mustaches as you want. 

STEP 6: Let the mustaches harden uncovered overnight. When you wake up the next morning, you should have adorable, hard, fondant mustaches to stick on top of your cakes & cupcakes! 

Cute, RIGHT?! I made these for my friend's 18th birthday party. She loved them, and so will all your friends. 

Much love, 


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