It's (almost) our birthday... how do YOU want to celebrate?!

Guess what?!

PassingDaisies.net turns THREE YEARS OLD on December 26, 2013. That means our birthday is only a little over a month away... and I want to CELEBRATE!

The question is, what kind of celebration would YOU want to see? Giveaways for certain items? Recipes? Guest blog posts from well known food and fitness bloggers? Something COMPLETELY different?! It's so much more fun because our birthday is the day after Christmas, so we get to have a Christmas AND birthday celebration all in one!

The fact is, I simply cannot believe I've been blogging for three years already. When I started Passing Daisies back in 2010 (originally called The Vegan Collegian), I didn't think it would last much longer than a year. It was definitely slow getting started, but the payoff has been crazy. I've discovered some really great food blogs (and bloggers), tried a lot of new products, learned a lot of new web design and graphic design skills, and just generally had a lot of fun.

I haven't always been consistent about blogging, but I've always come back. This little place on the internet is like my child, and I know a lot of bloggers feel that way! We pour our hearts and souls (and stomachs) into our food blogs. And that is definitely what I've done with PD. I hope you are able to tell that. 

So, the question remains - what kind of celebration would YOU want to see? And how long would you like it to last? A month? A week? A year? (Ok, I'm kidding about a year long celebration. But a month is completely acceptable.)

Give me your feedback! :)