The 2013 Gift Guide For....[THE MUSIC JUNKIE]

Welcome to the next installation of the Passing Daisies 2013 Holiday Gift Guide! 

Today, we are focusing on the music lovers in our lives. We've already talked about HIPSTERS and VEGANS, so make sure to check out those gift guides, too! Here's a look at other upcoming gift guides:

[The GEEK]

So, music lovers. These are the people who know about pretty much every band and up-an-coming artist there is. You've probably never heard of them, but your friend definitely has and thinks they make great music. Your friend probably plays an instrument (or two), but if they don't, they want to learn. Keep reading for some unique gift ideas for those music junkies you know and love!

Spotify is way, WAY better than Pandora or iTunes Radio, and your friend probably knows that. A subscription to Spotify premium is $9.99 a month, so why not buy your friend a few months worth of advertisement free music? They can play their favorite songs on all their devices (iPhone, iPad, computer, etc.), and they can listen to entire albums for free. 

This band is definitely NOT well known, but their music super catchy. It sounds retro and has a vintage feel, much like the artists themselves, Trent Dubbs and Amy Stroup. 

Another indie rock band that's not too well known, Deas Vail has a GREAT sound. They have a great mix of acoustic and hard rock. Very catchy. While you're at it, check out the lead singer's solo stuff, Wesley Blaylock. "Falling Into You" is one of my all time favorite songs.

Go Local

All music lovers want to keep up with the local music scene, and probably enjoy attending local music concerts where they can discover new artists. Look up some bands from your area and buy your friend some local tunes. For Cincinnati, some local bands include Walk the Moon, Foxy Shazam, Archer's Paradox, Mia Carruthers & The Retros, and The Harlequins. 

If your friend doesn't like getting rid of tickets from concerts, why not buy them a book where they can store them all?

A little bit hipster, a little bit music junkie. The best of both worlds!

Play those old fashioned records in a stylish new turntable! Any music guru will tell you how much better records sound than CDs.

Etsy has a bunch of cute, homemade lyric art, or you can shop local stores to support your local artists!

Why not get an awesome, hand stamped guitar pick? You can search Etsy and find a pick that says virtually everything, or special order a pick to say whatever you want. 

I hope this gift guide has sparked some ideas for the music fanatics in your life! If not, hopefully I introduced you to some great new bands. Check out Deas Vail! Really, please check them out. I love that band! 


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