FREE PRINTABLE: Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar

I know, I know - it's halfway through December, and I've designed an advent calendar.

But I PROMISE it's never too late to start mine - it's the Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar! And it's never too late to start doing kind things...which means you should print this off, TODAY, and get started!

Pretty sweet, right?

Here's how you use it. 

1. Download the PDF (link below) and print on heavy paper.
2. Cut out the gift tags (cutting out the hearts is optional, but I recommend it!).
3. Glue the numbered tags to the tags with text, so that when you flip them over, you can read the text.
4. Get started doing random acts of kindness! Just flip the tag over on the corresponding day to see what you get to do that day, and then you can leave them flipped. that way, you can see what you've already done this month and feel good about yourself :)

You can glue the white tags to any of the numbers - they don't go in any particular order, although I'd recommend putting "Random Text" and "Relax" on numbers 24 and 25. :)

CLICK HERE to download the Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar!
And be sure to share the kindness with others by pinning this post! Please and thank you :)

What other printables would you like to see?!


  1. I am unable to get the PDF from the link. It is not working. Do you mind sending me a copy, please?

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