Snow Ice Cream

Have you ever heard of snow ice cream? 

Probably not. It's not a common sweet treat! But I will tell you, it's delicious. 

Snow ice cream is exactly what it sounds like - freshly fallen snow that you turn into "ice cream" by adding milk, sugar, and vanilla. I've been making this stuff since I was a little kid, and I will probably make it for many years to come! 

I used to make it a lot with the boy who lived next door. Actually, we did a lot of fun, random things together. For example, we often took a boxed cake mix and threw in whatever we wanted - whipped cream, cherries, sprinkles, chocolate, hot fudge, etc. - then we mixed it up and baked it in the oven, waiting anxiously to see how it would turn out. We would race to see who could finish their concoction first. I think the boys usually won...

Anyways, snow ice cream is DELICIOUS, so please try it and let me know! I didn't exactly measure the snow, so the numbers below are a rough estimate. Feel free to add more or less of something to taste. 

Snow Ice Cream
Roughly 4 cups of snow
8 tablespoons milk
2 - 4 tablespoon sugar
2 t. vanilla

You don't need much instruction - just throw it all in a large metal bowl and mix together! The end result should be a bit icy and creamy and sugary. Yum. Try to use a metal bowl if you can - it keeps the snow colder, longer! If you use an ice cream scoop, you should be able to scoop it like ice cream. Top with sprinkles and you have an easy, delicious treat! 

What's your favorite childhood food?


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  2. Melissa Armstrong4/12/18, 6:29 AM

    Do you think it's safe to eat snow? I know you are a bloggingpro but I think it's silly to post things like this.

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