The 2013 Gift Guide For....[THE BOOK NERD]

It's here... the FINAL gift guide! Woohoo!

Have you been reading all our gift ideas?! Here are the others we've done!

Phew! There are a lot of gift guides, but I think we've discovered some pretty great gifts over the past few weeks! 

And guess what?! Our third birthday is in THREE DAYS, and there will be a HUGE birthday celebration with tons of recipes and a multi-blog birthday link up featuring sweet treats and DIY crafts from other bloggers! You don't wanna miss it!

So make sure you visit us on December 26th

Okay, this gift guide is for all those friends of yours who love to stick their noses in a book...and keep it there. Aside from school or work, this friend reads. Constantly. And for Christmas, you want to buy them something that is not a book. 

So here we go!

I love this brand, because they take classic book covers and turn them into jewelry, sweatshirts, t-shirts, coasters, and more. Check them out - you'll love their stuff!

Chances are your friend has a Kindle or a Nook. If so, why not buy them a nifty case?

I love this! You can find lots of scarves on Etsy that have book quotes on them. Cute yet nerdy and stylish at the same time!

I have long loved The Great Gatsby (yes, even before it was a movie). Show your love with this necklace. Not a fan of this book? You can find others!

Harry Potter is a classic for Millennials. Wear your love on your shirt! 

These are pretty cool - you can tell them what kind of book you want to be reconstructed, and they will make it into a planter for flowers!

This cool calendar features different short stories from famous authors each month. Each month you get to read something new when you change the month!

Rum named after Ernest Hemingway's boat. I mean, it's rum. You can't go wrong.

Now you can bind your own book! Everything is included to assemble your very own book.

You never knew you needed this until now. Four teas named after four characters in Pride & Prejudice. Now you can drink your favorite Jane Austin novel!

I hope those gifts gave you some good ideas for your book loving friend!


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