The 2013 Gift Guide For....[THE TRAVELER]

Hey ladies and gents! Welcome to the next editions of our holiday gift guide! This week we are talking about those friends who simply LOVE to travel (myself included). So far, we've talked about...

& here's what's coming up!


There is something amazing about traveling. Over the course of my life, I've gone on road trips across the United States, Canada, and spent three weeks in the United Kingdom {England, Scotland, Ireland AND Wales!}. New Orleans is now one of my all time favorite cities, and I've been there twice so far for missions trips. I hope to go to India, Italy, Greece, France, Spain, China, Japan....virtually everywhere!

Here's what you could buy for people like me - people who love to travel.

36 Hours: 125 Weekends in Europe

This lady basically gives you itineraries to spend two and a half days in 125 different places in Europe. Pretty awesome, right? You'll never be bored in your travels!

This picture is actually hanging on my wall in my bedroom, and I love it. It's basically a vintage looking map, and you can get it in different colors from Minted.com. But hurry, it's limited edition!

This is SO COOL. You can scratch off all the places you've been to with a penny - and anywhere that ISN'T scratched off is a place you've never traveled to before! So awesome!

This is just brilliant. When you don't need much, this water bottle will hold your basic necessities.

Learn where in the world to find the best street food, and then learn how to make it. 

This is a nifty bag tag for your luggage! Be the stylish one in the airport.

Everyone hates when they have to charge something but they have no where to set the charger. Fix that problem by getting this cup shaped charger - it fits right in your car's cup holder!

Perfect for when you are flying and don't want to worry about the pesky 3 oz. rule. 

There you go! Hopefully that helped you a little bit and gave you some new ideas for the traveler in your life.