Comfy Monday

Sunday & Monday are my glasses day. Meaning, they are pretty much the only day I ever wear my glasses. On these days I like to get a little dressed up to compensate for the fact that my glasses make me feel grungy.

& sometimes, you need a pop of color to brighten up your grungy Sunday/Monday blues.

sweater, Old Navy |
| shirt, Charming Charlie |
| necklace, Old Navy |

I've been really getting into fashion lately, which is unusual for me. I used to hate statement necklaces; now I love them. And I would be okay with a t-shirt and sweatpants every day. 

Not anymore. 

I LOVE this shirt I got from the clearance rack at CC. It was something like $10 and I now consider it a staple. The shoulders, which you can't see in the picture, are peach colored. 

I feel comfy & cozy in this combo, which is PERFECT for fall.

What are your fall staples? 

See you soon, loves!


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