NYE Resolutions | PD Turns FOUR

Happy New Years Eve, friends!

Can you believe another year has passed & that it's almost 2015? 


This year has been phenomenal - probably my best year yet. 

I got my first full time job as a nanny, then left that for a new, salaried job in corporate America which I now LOVE. I learned the importance of community in my life - and how tough life is without it. I took on some new leadership roles at church, returned to New Orleans for my third time & traveled to Atlanta, Lexington & Frankfort (KY), went on the Bourbon Trail in KY, and flew to Cancun. 

Bought a keyboard, made new friends, got my first credit card (scary!) & my own health insurance plan (also scary). I grew a LOT in my relationships - whether it was dating, break ups, friends, or work relationships. I learned how to have a lot of difficult conversations. I grew a lot - and am continuing to grow - spiritually. Turned 23. Explored (and grew to love) my city. Especially Over-the-Rhine! 

All in all, it was a wonderful year of learning & growth.

For 2015, my New Years resolutions are few. I'm learning to only make resolutions that I know I can keep because I rarely follow through! This year, I want to.....

Run a half-marathon. Maybe two. But at least one, specifically the Flying Pig here in Cincy.
Get a job promotion.
Lose roughly 30 pounds. I think if I keep my half-marathon commitment, this will naturally happen! This will put me at my goal weight, which has been for goal for many years.
Move out of the house. I've been trying to move out of my parents house for years, to no avail. Here's to hoping!
Stay active in the TIU community. The Tone It Up community is SO motivational and encouraging, and I've been a member of their nutrition plan for years but haven't really used it or been involved. If you aren't familiar, check them out HERE! It's worth the investment for a lifetime membership! I have a feeling the only way I'll stay motivated for the half is with their encouragement!

I'm looking forward to nothing but good things from 2015. <3 And, I just signed up to go to South Africa in May, so I'm super PUMPED! Gotta start fundraising soon!

In other news - HAPPY FOURTH BIRTHDAY TO PASSING DAISIES! I'm a little belated. Our birthday was December 26, and I totally forgot. Whoops. 

Last year we had a big celebration - and I still want to celebrate this year, somehow. Any suggestions on how we should celebrate?! 

Happy New Years Eve, loves! Hope it's a sparkly one!


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