HIATUS & Green Tea


It's been a whirlwind of a year so far. Tons of exciting new things going on, and tons of new ways the Lord is stretching me and growing me. This is awesome, and it also means life is keeping me pretty busy. 

Unfortunately, that also means I don't have time to keep up with the blog right now.

So, PD will be taking a a hiatus. I'm not entirely sure how long it will last, but I don't plan on closing the blog at this point. We will simply be taking a break for an unknown amount of time. 

With that being said, I have a couple final things to wrap up before I leave. I recently partnered with PB&Co. for their Mystery Ingredient Challenge - and I was sent some matcha green tea powder and peanut butter to develop a recipe. 

My attempt is below (I tried multiple recipes and was unsuccessful...whoops)...enjoy.

My original idea was to make matcha green tea croissants. I made the dough and then left to go somewhere and didn't return until late, so the dough was dry and unusable. Bummer :( So next I tried to make a pound cake with a matcha green tea swirl. Unfortunately, the recipe I used turned out pretty bad and kinda like play dough.

It definitely looked pretty though, no matter how bad it tasted!  Regardless of how it turned out, I encourage you to grab some PB&Co. peanut butter and a bag of matcha green tea and experiment on your own. There were other bloggers who had success with this challenge, and their recipes turned out wonderfully!

Also, I recently had a guest blog typed up and haven't had a chance to post it yet! The post will be going live this SATURDAY and will also be my final blog post for a while.

Finally, thank you to Cocozia for agreeing to support me with half-marathon training. I actually haven't been keeping up with training (whoops) and am not entirely sure if I will still be running the Flying Pig Half in May. We will see what happens...maybe I'll walk it? :) But, if you are ever looking for some high quality, organic coconut water, I highly recommend trying Cocozia. Good stuff. 

I think that's all for now. Sad news, but I know it's for the best. Thanks for those of you who have stuck around over the past 4 years and supported PD through all of the changes we have undergone. I've learned a lot, created a lot of new relationships with companies and organizations, and have definitely enjoyed the ride. 

Here's to the future. See you later!


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