ACTIVE | Favorite Running Gear | Part 1

Well, happy almost Thanksgiving, ya'll! I thought I would write up some of my favorite things I use/wear when working out or running...perfect to help you burn off all that turkey and stuffing you'll be eating this week. :) I hope you'll love everything just as much as I do! This is part one of a few posts!

Old Navy Active 
I love Old Navy's activewear line. I own a lot of stuff from ON (virtually all my workout gear is either ON, Target, or Tone It Up), but recently, this vest is my favorite. Lightweight and perfect for outdoor running. I also really like their socks, and finding good athletic socks that let your feet breathe (and are inexpensive) are a necessity. 

Good tights are a NECESSITY for running. It is the most annoying thing to go for a run and have to turn around 2 minutes into it because your pants are literally falling off your butt (yes, it's happened to me before). I Really love my Under Armour tights. I couldn't find the exact pair I have (mine are old) but these look similar. These were how I survived playing competitive ultimate frisbee in 20 degree weather with ice and snow. Woof.

Protein Powder
It's important to refuel your body with protein after a run, and I've tried quite a few, but Shakeology and Perfect Fit are my two favorites. Shakeo comes in a bunch of flavors, but chocolate is my go-to. It has a TON of amino acids and superfoods in it, so you can actually stop taking a multivitamin if you start drink Shakeo which is AWESOME! Plus, it keeps me feeling full for hours after I drink it and helps prevent cravings. Perfect Fit is great too and is made with pumpkin seed and pea proteins.

Bandi Belt
I LOVE this thing. Running with an armband to old your phone while running is SO annoying, especially when you want to change the song that is playing on Spotify and basically have to tae off the entire arm band to do it. So. Do yourself a favor and get a Bandi. They come in a bunch of colors and are comfortable and stay up when you run!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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