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Memories are a big part of my life. Good or bad, wonderfully beautiful or horribly ugly, how you remember something affects your perspective of that thing. Personally, I have a lot of great memories and a lot of horrible memories. I'm sure everyone does.

I have memories of spending my summer on the phone from 11pm to 6am with a boy I liked, just talking about life and our day and people we had crushes on. I remember sitting on the swings after school with a girl I did theatre with and laughing. I remember being terrified when my best friend and I got into a car crash, totaling the car and sending her to the hospital. I remember being grounded for a month and a half because of my journal being read. I remember seeing my first Broadway Across America show, Disney's "The Lion King." I remember being a member of a clique that hurt people's feelings. I remember having no friends in grade school. I remember giving my heart away in college and then getting my heart broken. I remember  losing people's trust, dancing in the rain, doing things I told myself I would never do, having regrets, and having the best time of my life. I remember being vegan. I remember a lot.

I am saying that memories are a natural part of who we are, and so are all the moments that memories are made of.

One of my favorite songs is called "White Daisy Passing" by Rocky Votolato. Look it up; both the music and the lyrics are beautiful. It talks about how quickly life moves and how we wish we could slow down each moment and really take it in. Yet it quickly passes, and soon that moment is gone. It becomes a memory we replay in our head. And those memories are things we pass along to each other, like giving each other beautiful flowers. We don't realize the true beauty of that moment until we look back on it; we never realize the magic as it takes place.

I was vegan for pretty much exactly a year (11/14/2010 - 11/17/2011), and I loved it. However, I also love pretty much all foods. Because of this, I decided to eat meat again. I'm not about restriction. I am a health conscious human being who enjoys everything in moderation. Moderation is key.

So, for me, I like to pass daisies. I like to share my experiences with others, especially in the world of baking. Yet this blog will not be JUST a baking blog. It will also be a blog about my life and who I am, which I think will make blogging much more enjoyable. 

About Me

My passions in life are few: baking, writing, singing, photography, loving, and living.

I am 23 years old, I have an adorable white mini schnauzer [Piper], and I have been cooking and baking since I was just a little girl. I remember being in the kitchen with my mom at just age 3 or 4, helping her make dinner or cookies. I remember being in our old apartment making banana spice cookies with a delectable banana icing to die for.

I've also always loved to write, and I have been writing since my early days as well. I like writing songs and lyrics a lot, with poetry and short stories falling in a close second. Recently, I've discovered a love for nutrition, blogging, and journalism, which is what I hope to pursue for my career. I also hope to one day publish a book.

Now I'm a college graduate (go Xavier University!) with two Bachelor degrees (English & Public Relations) and a minor in Communication Arts, trying to find my way through life. I don't have the slightest idea what I'm doing with my life. I'm a Christian, and I'm very thankful that God is helping direct me in my life. I love Jesus and am very active at my church, Crossroads. I work there part time as a contracted childcare worker and I love it! I adore children.

I believe that everyone can change the world, and that it only takes one small step to make a lasting impact. 


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! So glad I found your blog - I love your perspective on life and veganism. Being "passionate, but not over the top" definitely resonates with me. Adding you to my rss and looking forward to reading more.

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  2. I'm glad you think so! Thanks so much!

  3. Hey Rachael! I just found your blog - your recipes all look incredible! AND we have one big thing in common - we're both from Cincinnati!! I go to school in Connecticut but I grew up in Cinci/spend all of my breaks there. So excited to find a blogger from my own hometown - I'll definitely keep reading :)

    1. That's wonderful! I love finding readers from the area - stay in touch! :)

  4. Hi Rachael!
    Just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say hi!
    I am 18 and have lived in Cincinnati for the past 6 years. I loveee your writing and share the same interests in living a healthy lifestyle and capturing the little memories through photography and writing and for me song lyrics.
    Just wanted to say awesome blog! Keep in touch!
    P.S. Nada is my one of my favorite restraunts!!

    1. Hi Emily! Nice to meet you! Thanks for the compliments :) I love Nada!!

    2. I love your music, by the way! I love indie styles.

  5. Hey Rachael I just found your blog and this is great! I'm a sophomore journalism major in college :D

    Check out my blog as well but now I'm going to stalk through your pages ;)

  6. Not sure about nada...but I sure love Moerlein Lager House ;)